Isis TeacherWall

Isis TeacherWall™ Simple but brilliant teaching wall The Teacher Wall houses a central whiteboard (interactive or standard) mounted on a top-hinged panel which neatly conceals all cabling for an ultra-short thr …

Apollo Key Board Monitor Box

The perfect solution for protecting computer screens in practical rooms ie Woodwork rooms, Technology rooms etc. The box enables the monitor to be folded down out of harms way. This leaves the desk flat for oth …

Hard Drive Holder

CPU-42 CPU Holder Fixed bracket with straps Bracket attaches to underside of desk or worktop. Suitable for tower and desktop processors. Straps can be easily tightened to hold the CPU safely. Will hold any CPU …

Hard Drive Holder Sliding

Similar to CPU-42 but with a sliding mechanism for greater accessibility. Allows CPU to be slid from under desk for access to cables and connections. Simple to install and remove CPU from bracket. Minimum CPU w …

Hard Drive Tower Clamp

Mounting the CPU of a personal computer underneath or alongside a desk or workstation makes it more easily accessible, better protected from dust, dirt and accidental damage, and provides a great opportunity to …

Teachers Desk with Apollo Monitor / Keyboard Box Fitted

Teachers desk with Apollo monitor / key board box fitted. The box gives added security when the teacher leaves the room. Size: 1200 x 700 x 760 mm high

Heavy Duty Mobile Computer Trolley

Heavy duty Computer trolley with rubber tyre castors. Including Hard drive cage and electrical outlet. Size: 1200 mm wide  x 570 mm deep  x 720 mm high

Classic Mobile Computer Trolley

Supplied with 4-gang surge-protected socket and lockable castors. Size: 800 mm wide, 560 mm deep, 860 mm high.

TV Trolley

Television video trolley with locking castors. Size: 730 mm wide x 570 mm deep x 885 mm high Because we manufacture we can alter dimensions or colour to suit your specific needs.

DLP / OHP Trolley

Trolley for use with either overhead projectors or data projector including locking castors. Size: 750 mm wide x 400 mm deep x 885 mm high