Isis TeacherWall


Isis TeacherWall™

Simple but brilliant teaching wall

The Teacher Wall houses a central whiteboard (interactive or standard) mounted on a top-hinged panel which neatly conceals all cabling for an ultra-short throw (or ceiling-mounted) projector, surrounded by shelving and cupboards for essential storage, and with optional Teacher desk and sliding whiteboard doors. The Isis Teacher Wall can also provide computer charging facilities (for Laptops, iPads, iPods & all Tablet devices) and house other AV equipment (such as speakers, amplifiers & DVD players) and the laptop or desktop computer which is powering the projector. Truly multi-functional.

The Isis Teacher Wall is available in a wide range of designs which can accommodate Interactive Projectors; Smart, Promethean & other manufacturers Interactive Whiteboards and large display screens.

For classrooms, lecture theatres and conference rooms.